Standards-Based, Bi-directional & Payload Agnostic Technology

Our customers access a secure, compliant, private healthcare information exchange.

They do not have to change workflow or invest in one-time interfaces that require constant updates to support routine healthcare data transactions.

Standards Based

The Connect Platform and ConnectNet technology are based on technical and compliance standards set by law and regulation. They follow industry standards and best practices established as set by leading healthcare providers.

Scalable & Affordable

The Connect Platform and ConnectNet work for healthcare providers and healthcare with widely varying requirements that involve data volumes, complexity, and connectivity outside the traditional facility, practice or other physical patient destinations.

Encryption, Audit & Retention

ConnectNet transactions are encrypted in motion and while at rest with full audit and transaction retention records maintained as required by law or regulation.

Stateless and Stageful protocols are supported.

Compliant & Secure, Today & Tomorrow

Connect Platform and ConnectNet are designed to be compliant with current and future the complex US healthcare information technology compliance frameworks.