Private Healthcare Information Exchange

CareConnectors solves healthcare data exchange challenges for our customers

  • Without requiring our customers to build and update costly interfaces.
  • Or become experts in the complex, highly regulated US healthcare information technology ecosystem.
  • With a secure and compliant infrastructure.

CareConnectors addresses the key components that are necessary to make a Private Healthcare Information Exchange work.

Data Connectivity

A core requirement for connected healthcare infrastructure is Data Connectivity based on standards.

Barriers to Data Connectivity include the lack of a unified product or the lack of a connected infrastructure roadmap for US healthcare.

Data Liquidity

We make healthcare data flow faster and more freely.

This enables providers, patients, and healthcare enterprises to use healthcare data effectively, achieving the primary objective for Healthcare Data Liquidity.

Data Interoperability

Data exchanges between network partners should not require anyone to change their workflow or data presentation.

Data Actionable

We support natural language queries or large healthcare databases by non-technical and clinical end user.

We enable near real-time analytics so that recommendations can be actionable in hours, not weeks or months.