FAQ Details

Who Uses CareConnectors Products and Services?

Customers include leading healthcare providers and healthcare enterprises including telehealth service providers, labs, analytics services providers, decision support providers, remote patient monitoring services and device makers.

Why Use CareConnectors Products and Services?

Having one-to-many relationships with healthcare data sources through a single interface is generally more cost effective and far more convenient that building and updating interfaces to each healthcare data source.

What skills are required to use the Connect Platform APIs and ConnectNet?

Customers generally assign a software developer paired with a network engineer to implement Connectors and optimize network performance. If the customer is a healthcare provider, an interface developer is usually assigned.

How long does it take for customers to get their applications or services into commercial use if they use the Connect Platform APIs and ConnectNet?

For first-time projects that involve interfaces with one or more of the leading electronic medical record systems, elapsed time from project start through beta testing to commercial use averages 90 elapsed days. Follow-on projects have been completed in under 7 days.

Does ConnectNet meet the requirements of HIPAA and HITRUST?

The Connect Platform and ConnectNet are HIPAA compliant. The hosting service for ConnectNet provides independent third-party reports annually from qualified auditors regarding SSAE 16 (HITRUST) and SOC 2/Type 2 compliance and attestation. CareConnectors is currently on the path to HITRUST attestation for the Connect Platform and ConnectNet.